How to conserve a perfume?

Learn how to conserve a perfume in the best conditions.

Conserve a perfume in the best conditions is a child’s play. But it requires to change some habits of our morning ritual of preparation… If it is well preserved, a fragrance can be used many years later! So if you want to start a collection, or if you use your fragrance sparingly, these tips could help you to store your perfume over time…

Your perfume is capricious, protect it!

So where should you start to conserve a perfume perfectly? The perfume does not really appreciate 3 things: heat, air and light. In fact, fragrances hardly accept temperature changes, especially when it varies a lot! Therefore, you would be wise to keep your bottle in your room instead of the bathroom, ideally in its packaging. No: it has not been only created for the pleasure of your eyes!

The perfume does not really like light either… Exposed for too long, certain fragrances could see their colour slightly change. However, this does not necessarily mean that your perfume’s quality is declining. For instance, the color of the eau de parfum vanille by Carrement Belle changes slightly from transparent to a soft orange, but do not worry: its quality remains excellent!

Also, you must keep your perfume bottle vertically in order that the surface of its juice is the less in contact with the air as possible, to avoid oxidization. So only open your bottle when it is really necessary if you want to preserve it throughout time.

Finally (and this is for you ladies), if you spread your perfume with your fingers, or directly by pressing your bottle against your body, you must do it before applying your cosmetics. Make sure your skin is perfectly clean, so any substance will be in contact with your fragrance and modify it.

So were you already applying these tips? How long does your bottle last?


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