Where to apply perfume?

Discover where to apply perfume depending on your type of fragrance.

If we asked to 10 different people where to apply perfume, we could have many different answers. And the most import is that all of them would be excellent! Because when it is time to perfume yourself, everyone has his personal touch, his own ritual to seduce and enjoy his perfume…

Tell us what’s your fragrance…

There are many parts of your body, where to apply perfume and defining the best of them mainly depends on the type of fragrance you use. In fact, some areas of your body will be better to give off an eau de parfum or an eau de toilette. Some others will best enhance a more powerful and precious pure perfume. But one thing is sure: always try to apply your fragrance on a clean skin!

Eau de parfum

If you wear an eau de parfum, apply your perfume by touch or thanks to the spray on the neck of course, behind the ears, in the palm of the elbow or around the nave. Actually, in the areas of your body that generate heat! If you use an eau de toilette, you can also perfume your hair. You can also spray your fragrance in the air above your head, before placing yourself under. In this way it perfumes your body and clothes.

The pure perfume

Finally, the pure perfume (also called essence de parfum at Carrement Belle, or elsewhere perfume extract or still simply perfume) can be applied in the neck, on your chest, the wrists or even the hollow of you knees. Here again, use it by touch or with a spray, but always sparingly. A pure perfume is more concentrated in raw materials than the other types of perfumes. It is therefore more powerful. A drop is enough…

It is important to remind that there are plenty of habits. All of them are fine as long as you take pleasure to perfume yourself everyday! And you, where do you prefer to apply your fragrance?

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