Musk: the story of an animal ingredient!

Discover the musk, a wild and sensual ingredient of perfumery.

With the amber and incense, it was the perfumers’ favourite ingredient in Greek and Roman antiquity, and then at the Renaissance. Who are we talking about? The musk of course! We propose you today to learn more about this sensual ingredient of perfumery, deeply wild and animal. And very precious to perfumers…

A smell which came from… a chevrotin!

Musk is the odorous secretion from an abdominal gland of male musk deer. A solitary animal that looks like a small and primitive deer living on the high plateaus of Asia. Hunted during periods of rut (time at which it produces musk) for a long time, the musk deer was killed for its internal glands containing musk seeds. The species is protected today. But some have tried to breed musk deer and extract the glands alive but secretion stopped in captivity. The development of chemistry and synthesis raw materials made it affordable. It allows now perfumers to use this wild and sensual scent in their creations for our greatest pleasure…

But did you know that before being appreciable, the musk is hardly breathable?! Indeed, once removed from the pouch, the smell of  its seeds is so strong and unpleasant. Even the fastest ships did not want to ensure its transportation! However, after refinement in an alcoholic tincture, it reveals its irresistible animal and sensual notes. It is used then as a fixative by perfumers in their creations.

At Carrement Belle, the eau de parfum musc is a classic among our perfumed Collection, created at the end of the 80’s. The original formula has been improved in June 2013 to become the new musc, but both versions are similar in a way. They are sensual perfumes of character that reveal themselves close to the skin… A unisex fragrance full of contrasts for her, for him, or for them to share in the intimacy of a couple…


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