How to take care of a scented candle?

Our advices to take care of your scented candle and make it last longer.

Today, we explain you how to take care of a scented candle. So if you are a scented candles’ lover, pay attention to the following advices and learn how to make your candles last longer…

A child’s play!

As you know, a few months ago we decided to create our first scented candles ippi patchouli and ïōdé, allowing you to enjoy theses perfumes at home. Here are some easy and useful tips to take care of a scented candle as you already treasure your perfume

First of all, the basics: burn your candle on a flat, non-fragile and non-flammable surface. And keep it away from curious children or kittens! That being said, let’s do it: strike a match and light the pure cotton wick!

When lit for the first time, burn the candle for at least 1 to 2 hours to obtain the best combustion regularity: the surface must be entirely liquid. Then it is recommended to burn the scented candle during 2 hours at a time, maximum 3 hours consecutively.

There you are: comfortably lying on your sofa under the warmth of your soft and cosy plaid. You enjoy the delicate fragrance of your favourite perfume that fill your house: a moment of pure happiness! It is now time to extinguish your candle before taking an unexpected restful nap… But be careful: do not blow out the wick! Use a candle snuffer or dive the wick into the hot liquid wax before straighten it up immediately. You can use a knife for instance: this will avoid an unwanted smoke and protect the wick. Before you doze off, make sure the wick remains in its central position. Before lighting your candle the next time, think about keeping the wick trimmed at 5mm. Thus you will avoid black smoke and prolong the life of your candle.

It is now time for us to wish you a cosy and perfumed nap…

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