Chypre perfume: the origins of the cyprus olfactory family

What is a cyprus perfume? Discover the origins of the Chypre olfactory family.

With the upcoming sunny and hot summer days, we only dream about one thing: to take a break and breath some fresh marine air, your feet comfortably settled into a warm sand, listening the waves singing… But if you are not even close to take some holidays on the seaside, you can always escape with a chypre perfume. By the way, where comes from the name of the Chypre olfactory family?

A french creation

The name of the Chypre olfactory family comes from the pioneering perfume « Chypre » created by François Coty in 1917. With this fragrance, he surprised all the curious noses around the world. This perfume met an important success, and became a full olfactory family. The Chypre gathers perfumes made of notes of oakmoss, cistus-labdanum, patchouli, bergamot, etc. The wealth of cyprus notes goes particularly well with fruity or floral ones. This family gathers fragrances of character, easily recognizable, and is therefore divided into two main subfamilies. In the one hand the floral Chypre (as “Chypre” by François Coty, or the chypre perfume “ïōdé” by Carrement Belle), and on the other the fruity Chypre (created by the launch of “Mitsouko” by Guerlain in 1919, or “Femme” by Rochas in 1944 for example).

But a question remains: why do we call this family “Chypre perfume”? After all, this beautiful island in the eastern Mediterranean cannot resume such a rich marine note! The answer is actually simple: it was from this island that came from the oakmoss, which later became the basis of this note…

In our Collection, our fragrance ïōdé stands for the cyprus family. Created as an eau de parfum, we decided later to make it even more intense with the pure perfume. But you can also enjoy the marine notes of this chypre perfume with its scented candle and incenses. Now you can travel to the open sea without moving from your sofa…


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