(Carrément) Beau with alfred kafé

Rody of the blog comme un camion tests our perfume for man alfred kafé with notes of lavender and coffee

Alfred kafé, a sweet, intense and soft fragrance, which stands out from what one can usually smell.

Rody from the blog Comme un Camion

As you know, the Carrément Belle story began with the opening of a shop where La Baigneuse decorated our own jewels, bags and accessories mainly for women. But quickly the desire to create a perfume appears to seduce all the noses: the women’s but also those of the gentlemen coming by the store! This is how alfred kafé was born, with its powerful scent of coffee blended with the provencal lavender. A startling contrast that you must smell to understand. Rody, from the masculine blog Comme un Camion yielded to its green and woody notes! What about you?

Our fragrance for men alfred kafé seduced the authors of comme un camion thanks to its powerful aroma of coffee, awakened by notes of sage, mint and bergamot

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