The Carrément Belle story

discover the story of carrement belle

It seems very natural to spray your favourite fragrance to start a new day, or to close one before a festive evening. Your Carrément Belle perfume is always there to join you in the most precious times of your life. But do you know where it comes from? Do you know our story? From the idea to the bottle, discover the origins of our brand and your beloved fragrance…

The desire to create: from jewels to perfumes

In 1986, the Carrément Belle’s (tiny) shop opens its doors in Nîmes, south of France. At the time, it was the first to propose a selection of costume jewelry and accessories from several brands. Eager to bring their personal touch, Catherine and Frank quickly create their own jewels, bags and accessories (hair slides, belts…). The huge success of these Carrément Belle branded products leads them to create the ultimate fashion accessory: a perfume. Thus borns ippi patchouli in 1988, quickly followed by the fragrances musc, kilim, vanille and ïōdé.

Carrément Belle becomes a full-fledged perfume brand in 1993. Slowly but surely, our perfumes enter other stores. But no question of losing them on the shelves of large selective perfumeries! The idea has always been the same from the beginning: to surprise you. And this starts by offering you fragrances where you do not expect them: in jewelry or clothing boutiques mainly. From the south of France to the conquest of Europe and the Middle East, our perfumes are gradually finding their place at our current resellers. Despite the proposals, Carrément Belle remained a minimalist and autonomous family business. We rely on the quality, our creativity and a strong relationship with you: our ambassadors.

The history of carrement belle starts with jewel creation

The french know-how

For more than 30 years, our approach and philosophy remain unchanged: to provide you high quality fragrances at the fairest price, all year long! Your Carrément Belle perfume is still made in ​​Grasse (the capital of flowers and Perfume) by the same perfumer. It is then filled and assembled by hand in our workshop in Nîmes. A guarantee of simplicity and authenticity.

With more than 13 eaux de parfum and 5 pure perfumes our product range have never been wider. But we also think about your home sweet home… So we offer you a way to enjoy your favourite perfumes at home with our incenses and scented candles.

A passion transmitted from father to son

Carrément Belle is first and foremost a family story. And the passion for perfume is passed on from generation to generation. Frank has been joined by his son Maxime for many years. Recently, our team got bigger with the arrivals of not only one, but two Cécile! One carefully prepares your fragrances and your orders at the workshop, while the other gets to know you better to meet your expectations.

The adventuress Baigneuse

Small business maybe, but big ambitions! Because La Baigneuse loves to make our fragrances travel, to perfume you around the world. Thanks to our (loyal) 200 retailers, you can smell our fragrances beyond the borders. And if you do not have the chance to find a shop near you, our eshop allows you to be delivered in more than 80 countries! In order to keep this story going, we look for new ways to surprise your noses every day…

To you, curious noses

We are sure of one thing: without you (resellers, clients and ambassadors or simple curious who come to question us) our story would not be so beautiful. You, who daily wear our perfumed creations, valuing and spraying our colors and smells. You, who have had the boldness to choose one of our fragrances, sometimes without even smelling it, thanks to the magic of the Internet. Still you, who prefer not to answer when someone asks you the name of your perfume, to keep it secretly yours. Or you, who offer each year our fragrances to your beloved, to share a part of you… A Carrément Belle story that continues thanks to your trust and your valuable feedbacks. More than a tale, this article is our way of saying a big THANK YOU!

Tomorrow will also be written thanks to your testimonials because you know it, we listen, read and answer all your messages. So do not hesitate to comment, share and tell us the Carrément Belle story of your meeting with our perfumes…

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