Anastasia, a Carrément Belle Russian doll

Anastasia has a fashion and accessories shop in Moscow where she offers Carrément Belle fragrances

It is very difficult to find an original style, to create unusual scents. But the brand Carrément Belle has brilliantly succeeded.

Anastasia, creator of Street Pie Store in Moscow

Anastasia, our Carrément Belle ambassadress in Moscow is passionate about fashion and design. And as passionate, she wanted to share her desires and inspirations through a blog she created during her fashion and business studies in Italy. She started publishing photos of fashion shows, portraits taken in the street and outfits she appreciated. Very quickly, her blog becomes pretty successful and her readers are asking: “what comes next?” ! Thanks to this support, she decides to create Street Pie Store, to bring into Russia the spirit of Parisian shops she loves…

In her store, she offers a fashionable selection of clothes and accessories to dress Muscovites in search of style. Quickly, she is seeking for a perfume brand, as the ultimate fashion accessory, to complete her clients’ outfits. This is how La Baigneuse flew away for a scented trip in the streets of Moscow, bringing to Street Pie most of our fragrances, from the sensual musc to the marine ïōdé or even the flowered label rose. Anastasia tells you here how our Carrément Belle histoire commune began.

Curious to know the people she is working with and the products she offers like the back of her hand (and nose), Anastasia asked to meet us. During an interview in Paris, we took the time to answer all her questions regarding the way we work, what inspires us or our Carrément Belle philosophy…

We invite you to discover this article, and if you do not read Russian yet, Google Translate could be very useful!

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