Pauline treats herself in a perfumed break with 555 and musc

555 and musc win Pauline’s nose who could smell all our fragrances with the discovery set during an olfactory break

I discovered Carrément Belle perfumes and it was a very good olfactory surprise.

Pauline from “La Parenthèse Beauté”

On her blog full of sweetness, Pauline invites us into a cozy and comfortable bubble, the time of a beauty break. Besides her cosmetics reviews, Pauline loves perfume! She was able to discover our collection of fragrances thanks to the Discovery Set, because it seems impossible for her to adopt a perfume without taking the time to smell and try it first.

It allows here to gave in to musc, an “intimate” fragrance with sweet and comforting notes. And as she likes to share her discoveries, Pauline tried our fragrances with her mother, who loved 555 for its mysterious heart of incense and its feminine hint of iris powder.

Pauline discovered our fragrance 555 both bewitching and mysterious thanks to her heart of incense and amber

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