How to clean a candle jar to give it a second life

Discover our tips to clean candle jar and give it a second life.

Once the last drops of wax have melted, the wick of your candle extinguishes for good. You have taken great care of it and it has brought you many hours of olfactory happiness. Drop your tissue and dry your tears: it is not its last breath, quite the contrary! There are a thousand ways to recycle your scented candle and offer it a second life… Discover how to clean a candle jar and our tips, advice and ideas to rekindle the flame!

First step: clean your candle jar

Your scented nap ends and you discover that your candle gone out, emptied of its last drop of wax: the story can not stop there! It’s decided, you are going to take a few minutes to recycle your candle and give it a new and well-deserved youth. First step: you must clean the candle jar. To pluck up the courage to do it, you can already light a new scented candle

Our candles are entirely made by hand in Grasse, south of France, by our craftsman candle-makers. Their wax is the result of a clever blend of vegetable and mineral waxes, leaving barely no mark on the inside of your glass jar. A soft and creamy wax that releases its fragrance both hot and cold, so you can enjoy its perfume even when the candle is off!

To clean your candle jar, we suggest two methods:

  • the first uses heat ?
  • the second cold ❄️
How to clean candle jar
Make it shine ✨

Blow hot…

Once your candle is off and the wax has cooled, remove the wick by hand or with a rod. The trick is then to place the candle jar in a hot-water bath to heat the remaining wax. After a few minutes, when the wax has melted, it is easy to pull it off using a knife or a spoon for instance.

…or cold

For the second technique, place the candle jar in a freezer for several hours or until it is frozen. To make it works, make sure that the wax has completely cooled and solidified after burning. When getting cold, the wax will shrink, becoming more fragile and being easier to remove. Take out the jar from the freezer and put it upside down on a flat surface. The wax should pop right out of the container when you tap it carefully with the palm of your hand.

To complete the cleaning of your glass jar, you can remove the last residue of wax or soot by soaking it for a few minutes in tepid water. Then, gently scrub the container with a damp and soapy cloth. If you are in a hurry, you can even put it into the dishwasher! Do not worry: the decoration will not disappear as it is a baked screen printing.

Let’s your imagination run wild to reuse the candle jar

More than filling your home with its delicate fragrance, your scented candle is also a decorative object that you can reuse according to your desires!

Our ideas to give a second life to your candle

Thanks to a thorough cleaning, your empty jar is now clean and sparkling. A little bit of compost for perennial plant, some gravel and your jar now welcomes a new cactus or a beautiful succulent. On your dressing table, the glass jar will highlight your jewelry, from rings to necklaces. In your bathroom, your cotton pads have found a new place of honor! The jar will also be useful on your table to gather sugar cubes for your coffee break… There are infinite possibilities to recycle your candle, surprise us with yours!

We are sure you have many ideas to reuse your candle! Send us photos of the jar of your Carrément Belle scented candle and we will share them on Instagram

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