ippi patchouli, Karine’s new addiction

ippi patchouli is the new scented addiction of Karine, from the blog Des ptits bonheurs de filles

(ippi) patchouli is here softened by notes of vanilla and amber which gives it a certain fullness. It leaves in its wake warm and powdery hints. I think it offers a true olfactory identity.

Karine from the blog “Des ptits bonheurs de filles”

Karine, from the blog “Des ptits bonheurs de filles” is constantly looking for new olfactory discoveries. Real passionate, she likes to wear and change perfume according to her mood and desires. And she goes after fragrances you will not smell at every street corner. While strolling on Instagram, Karine fell on our universe and needed to smell more.

A few days later, after having received our Discovery Set and tried all the samples of our collection, she handed down a verdict not without hesitation… She definitively fell for ippi patchouli, just like her husband who loves smelling its sensual and bewitching wake.

Karine also had a crush for a label rose, our floral bouquet made of Damascena roses. She gave in to SO, our amber and sensual fragrance, or still vanille with its delicious gourmand smell!

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