Florence melts for the eau de parfum vanille

The eau de parfum vanille seduced Florence from the blog la mouette to face the coolness of winter

For the winter I sought something comfy and the eau de parfum vanille has this very cosy side

Florence from the blog La Mouette

Expatriate in Montreal for a year, Florence usually loves fresh scents with citrus notes. But to face the first snows and the coming cold she chose to wear in the hollow of her neck a “comfy” fragrance as she likes to call it. This comforting caress is brought by our eau de parfum vanille. A gourmand and regressive wake at a time, which she likes to spray on a big cozy sweater to accompany her throughout the day.

Thanks to the Discovery Set, she was able to discover the different eau de parfum of our collection. And that is how she had given to our sweet vanille. The essence from Madagascar is topped with caramel, sprinkled with almonds and a hint of spice for the character. The ideal recipe to open the season of sweetness!

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