Label rose, perfume of optimism for Maria

Maria from the blog Ventvenir succumbed to the charms of our label rose perfume

The floral bouquet of this rose perfume creates a charming and carefree atmosphere. It makes you forget the troubles and start enjoying every moment

Maria, from the blog VentVenir

As long as she can remember, Maria has been fascinated by perfume. She still remind with nostalgia the fragrances wore by her mother. Passionate about writing and the world of fragrances, it is quite naturally that she decided to create her blog. The perfect place to share her love for scented notes.

Always ready to discover new scents, Maria buried her nose in our collection to finally give in to label rose’s charms. She knew how to uncover the secrets of this precious juice. Behind the elegance of a Damascena rose surrounded by jasmine and violet, it hides musky and woody notes that create a real floral bouquet… as tempting as it is thorny! A perfume of rose, fresh and bewitching, she likes to smell in the morning, like the scent of freshly picked flowers.

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