This is not a Carrément Belle promotion!

Why we do not do sales and discounts at Carrément Belle perfumes...

Black Friday, French Days, Cyber ​​Monday and even more promotions and private sales… Discounts for everything and all the time, which push you to ask us sometimes a Carrément Belle promotion. Logic, so many brands give you the illusion of being generous by lowering their prices for a few days. But in the end, what does it mean? Our negative answer is sometimes misunderstood, so let us explain ourselves. The opportunity to remind you of our philosophy and to reveal what is hidden behind our prices…

3 reasons not to make promotion

At Carrément Belle, we resolutely refuse to make discounts. First of all because perfume is not a seasonal product that spoils over time or goes out of fashion according to the seasons. A fragrance is lasting: take care of it and it will stick to your skin faithfully for years! Secondly, these promotions harm our retailers, without whom we would not be here today. By maintaining a fixed price throughout the year, we ensure to these independent resellers the necessary margin to welcome you in their pretty boutiques. Plus, we encourage a local commerce. But above all because for over 30 years, we are doing our best to offer you high quality perfumes at the fairest prices. Not only during these periods of frenetic discounts, but every day. 7 days a week. All year long.

3 ingredients, 1 promise

Put on your swimsuit and take the plunge with La Baigneuse to see what is hidden in your bottle…

Find out what is inside to understand why we do not practice promotion at Carrément Belle

We are proud of it because our organisation allows us to guarantee you a job well done, while respecting and valuing the Perfume by:

  • using beautiful natural raw materials thanks to the expertise of our perfumer, but also innovative synthetic ingredients good for environmental issues
  • working with craftsmen with incredible know-how and French or European companies : our perfume is made in Grasse, the bottles selected from an Italian supplier and then silkscreened one by one in France, as our cases manufactured and hand-made in Grignan, the caps are produced in England…
  • taking the time to fill, clinch and pack each bottle by hand in our workshop in Nîmes while controlling our margins.

Behind the scenes at our silk-screen printer, which decorates here an ippi patchouli clair bottle…

Each bottle is then filled by hand in Nîmes, mostly with a funnel or sometimes with our filling machine ?

When promotions make no sense

Our margins are calculated from the creation of your perfumes to offer you a fair price. They simply do not allow us to make discounts. If we decided to do sales, we should increase our prices. That would be hypocritical, right? Therefore, we bet that by investing on the long term in a perfume of quality, your daily satisfaction will be more important than an ephemeral frustration of not getting a promotion.

We noticed that more and more brands commit to a more responsible consumption in recent years. Many companies now refuse to participate in these periods of frenetic sales. On her own path or by joining emerging movements as Green Friday, Black for Good, Make Friday Green Again or Block Friday for instance. Initiatives that we can only recognize and encourage, to keep awakening brands and consumers consciousness.

But if you know us a little bit, you know that we love to surprise and spoil you! We always slip a kind attention into your parcels… And sometimes even more beautiful unexpected gifts to thank you for your loyalty…

Thank you for believing in our common Carrément Belle history. But also for taking the time to read these few words and especially for taking us into your daily perfumed ritual. It makes us smile every morning!

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