The Discovery Set, a gift idea for Manuela

The discovery set, a gift idea to slip under the Christmas tree according to Manuela from the poulette blog

Thanks to the Discovery Set and its samples, you can leave the choice in an elegant way…

Manuela, Poulette Blog

Manuela is a wonder mom but also a blogger passionate about beauty. Every year, she challenges her imagination to find original gift ideas. This year, she is adding our Discovery Set to her selection. A “Carrément Belle” idea to slip under the Christmas tree. More than just a smell, for Manuela, perfume is like a second skin. It is an olfactory signature of which we leave a memory. And that makes it a pretty personal gift.

So thanks to the Discovery Set, Manuela decided to leave the choice in an elegant and attentive way by proposing our box which contains the samples of our Collection of 13 eaux de parfum. It will allow you to make up your own mind and fall in love with one or more fragrances. And for those who started a little earlier their gift race, it will help you to choose the perfume that will really suit to your kins!

This is how Manuela fell in love with our eau de parfum musc. Tested for several days thanks to the sample, she finally gave in to its big bottle and its intimate and sensual fragrance is now part of her daily routine.

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