The manufacture of scented candles

Découvrez les secrets de fabrication des bougies parfumées Carrément Belle

When the cold is here, the desire to stay cozy at home keeps growing… The good news is we have what you need to warm the atmosphere! Once functional, candles are now used as an interior perfume and a decorative object. But behind their pretty glass jars are hidden a meticulous work and a real expertise… Discover the secrets of the manufacture of our Carrément Belle scented candles!

Tradition and know-how

Candles come from the tradition of chandlers, originally reserved for religious use. This noble object is imbued with a certain mystery and symbols, and transliterates several centuries of history! The manufacture of artisanal scented candles has been considerably enriched by many innovations over time.

The passion and high standards of the wax makers are proven throughout the manufacturing process. Creating a 100% French candle means above all trusting craftsmen whose savoir-faire and meticulous gestures are expressed on a daily basis, inherited from an ancestral and unique art. This gives to this handcrafted object a part of humanity, to bring you hours of delight. As always, we have taken care of everything for the pleasure of your eyes… and your nostrils!

The 3 ingredients of a successful recipe

We count several main ingredients during the manufacture of scented candles. At first, the quality and concentration of the perfume, but also the know-how of the wax maker, the choice of the wax and the wick, a pretty glass jar filled with stories and a carefully crafted packaging are essential.

The perfume

Main ingredient of our scented candles, the perfume is made in Grasse, in the south of France, by our historical perfumer. The same who takes care of the production of your eaux de parfum and pure perfumes. In order that the smell of your candle is faithful to your skin fragrance one, the Nose does an essential adaptation work.

The choice and control of raw materials, as well as their treatment methods, are a key step in the manufacture of scented candles. Each one will react differently to heat. A long process of adjustment is necessary to achieve balance and perfect harmony. Laurent, our perfumer, explains this whole process in an inspired interview here!

Once the formula has been tested and approved, each candle will be highly concentrated in perfume, which constitutes 10% of it. You will then be able to intensely enjoy its scent throughout the candle’s life…

The wax

We then entrust the perfume to the know-how of our chandler, a few miles away near Grasse. Wax is a noble and delicate material that must be taken care of! To obtain an optimal olfactory result, we have opted for a blend of natural and mineral waxes. A secret well kept by our wax maker… The melting point of the wax is low to allow it to liquefy more quickly and let you enjoy its fragrance from the very first moments.

As it heats up, the wax gradually liquefies and burns regularly (a few simple tips to avoid inelegant craters). You can then enjoy about 45 hours of burning, enough to take many scented and relaxing naps!

The wick

No smoke without fire and no combustion without wick! An other essential element of your candle, the wick, is made of braided cotton. Wicks react differently depending on the fragrance or on the glass size. They are therefore studied, tested and selected especially for our jar, in order to release the minimum of smoke and soot, and to last a long time: until the last drop of wax! Once braided, they are fixed to a small metal support and placed manually one by one in our glass jars.

The manufacture of scented candles: a meticulous process

The three essential ingredients being gathered, we now need to assemble them to create the candle that will fill your home with fragrance. But here again, the process is long and meticulous!

The tests

Throughout the manufacturing process, perfume, wax, wicks and final product are tested and verified. Since we are looking for the perfect harmony between all these ingredients, it is often necessary to rework some aspects to obtain the expected result. We control the quality of the wax, its appearance, the quality of the burning, the wick, the diffusion of the perfume, the notes that release from it… All our partners test their products at each step and the members of the Carrément Belle team also play the guinea pigs. Here are some examples of tests and control checks done before, during and after the manufacture of scented candles:

  • Heat resistance, melting point and deformation
  • The soot rate
  • The wick, its diameter and braiding
  • Combustion test: how the wick behaves when lit
  • Perfume diffusion test: its olfactory coverage both hot and cold
  • Compatibility between wax and perfume
  • Test for non-adherence to the container, liquefaction of the heated wax

Wax and perfume: a harmonious blend

When the formula is finalized by the perfumer and after several olfactory tests, the chandler artisan can start his manufacturing work. Go to the “melter”, where the wax will take shape. The various waxes, in solid form in small cubes or flakes, are melted one by one and then mixed. Each wax being different, each one will have a variable melting point, which is why they are carefully introduced into the tank. The wax maker carefully controls the temperature to obtain a perfectly homogeneous consistency.

Then comes the crucial step, the one where the wax is perfumed. To do this, the wax obtained previously is heated to a certain temperature to make it liquid. The perfume is then incorporated in a liquid state. These two elements are gently mixed in a large tank equipped with an agitator, maintained at a high temperature to prevent the mixture from solidifying during production. The materials blend together in a beautiful osmosis!

When the wax maker wants to create a new scented wax, he cleans this tank with virgin wax, raised to a high temperature to preserve the perfume of each one, without any olfactory disturbance.

To guarantee a better quality, it is the day before production that the various elements that make up the wax are gradually melted throughout the night. The perfume is mixed with the wax only a few minutes before casting to preserve all its odoriferous properties.

Wicks, casting and finishing

Before pouring the wax into the glass jars, each wick is placed one by one in the containers. The craftsman uses unscented virgin wax to adhere the metal support to the jar and thus glue the wick. The scented wax is then poured a first time halfway up the jar, then the wick is straightened by hand before pouring a second layer of wax. This technique allows the wick to remain straight, providing uniform melting throughout burning.

The candles are then placed under a hood to return to a lower temperature and solidify completely. The color of the wax naturally turns white when it sets. When the content of the candle has hardened, its surface is flattened for a more aesthetic result.

After 24 hours of cooling the wax, the jars are cleaned. The wicks are finally cut to the right height by caring hands. A habit to be taken systematically before lighting your candle: always cut and clean your wick so that it measures about 5mm in order to maintain it well!

The Carrément Belle touch!

So after all these steps, you probably think that this time the candle is finally ready! Well, not quite…

Some candles all dressed up

We attach great importance to the perfume of course, the quality of the wick and the wax to guarantee you an olfactory pleasure. But a candle is also a real decorative object, to collect and reuse in a thousand ways! Another French partner then plays an important role in dressing the candle jars: the silkscreen printer. He will meticulously affix the decoration on every glass jar. A different design for each scent, which hides fragrant stories to discover here!

To ensure that the silkscreen printing lasts over time, the jars are placed in a special oven and baked at about 600°C. The paint is thus fixed to its glass, with a beautiful brilliance and fine and delicate patterns. You can therefore clean your jar as it should be to give it a second life, without fearing that its decoration will fade.

Our trademark, hand packaging

The manufacture of the cases of our scented candles

Meanwhile, other expert hands gently shape and assemble the cases that will hold your precious candles. A metallic copper-colored ink, a hot stamping silver leafing to give shine and relief to the most important elements and that’s it: it’s in the bag! The candles are finally sent to our workshop to be lovingly packaged and to check one last time that everything is perfect before putting them in their case.

In total, about fifteen people are involved in the manufacture of the Carrément Belle scented candles. A shared passion for a high-quality candle! And you, which one will you burn?

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