A patchouli perfume for Clemence

Clemence loves patchouli perfume and our 3 scents kilim, ippi patchouli and ippi patchouli clair

If you love the perfume of patchouli, you need to discover Carrément Belle

Clemence CC Fragrance

Clemence is a young woman passionate about perfume. She likes to test and collect them, and above all to share her olfactory favorites from her Londoner boudoir.

Very attached to the French know-how and its craftsmanship, Clemence offers you a scented journey in live. In a recent video, she shares her feeling about our Collection, discovered thanks to our Discovery Set. She describes every scent with her own words and interpretation by diving into her olfactory memories.

And even if she had troubles choosing her favorites, she finally highlighted our woody and oriental perfume of patchouli with the scents ippi patchouli and kilim, and a special mention for ippi patchouli clair, her favorite!

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