Karine melts for ippi patchouli scented candle

After the eau de parfum, Karine melts for the scented candle ippi patchouli

A patchouli scented candle that conquered me with its warm and bewitching atmosphere full of emotions.

Karine from the blog Des petits bonheurs de filles

Karine had already succumbed to the charms of the bewitching ippi patchouli this summer in its eau de parfum format. A wake that had even charmed her husband’s nose for a scented pleasure to share. A woody and resinous fragrance that accompanies Karine in her daily ritual.

So when Karine discovered that her favorite scent was available as a scented candle with a totally redesigned look, she did not hesitate for a second! She melts for this 100% made in France creation, born from the know-how of many craftsmen. Both chic and elegant decorative item and home fragrance, she never gets tired of burning her patchouli scented candle. This entrancing fragrance now fills her home sweet home to warm up her coolest evenings…

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