Thomas deciphers 555, our unisex perfume

The unisex fragrance 555 reviewed by the masculine team of the blog Comme un Camion

Carrément Belle is a beautiful brand, which has proven itself to a conquered clientele, so why not us?!

Thomas from the blog Comme un Camion

Last year already, alfred kafé tickled Comme un Camion‘ noses (read the full article here). This time, Thomas plunged into the eau de parfum 555 to decipher its smooth and peppery notes. A unisex perfume that can suit the noses of both these gentlemen and our beautiful feminine ambassadors.

As for the odor, Thomas notices “a note of freshness, brought by lemon, very quickly followed by a touch of warmth, given by incense wood and cinnamon”. Little by little, a peppery touch is revealed to bring all its character to the wake. Then the notes are wrapped in a warm musk. For Thomas, 555 has a more masculine tendency, and that is the subjectivity and beauty of the composition! He underlines a promising hold that follows him from morning to night, while giving a new accent to the fragrance, which is getting softer and softer.

Do you already know this unisex perfume?

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