A marine note for Anis

The marine note of ïōdé has definitely conquered Anil, from the blog la Barbe du Daron

From the very first use, we can easily recognize the subtlety of its composition and the quality of its marine note.

Anis form the blog La Barbe du Daron

Anis created his blog to share his tips and his favorites. Because for him, men are just as eager as women to take care of themselves. This blogging passionate is as interested in his beard as his nose, which he likes to tickle with innovative fragrances.

Anis was not wrong. Behind our feminine-sounding name, Carrément Belle is also for men! We do offer fragrances that will appeal to women of course, but also to the sharp noses of these gentlemen. And why not share them thanks to our unisex fragrances? “Only your nose should be the judge,” says Anis. After an olfactory experience with his family thanks to the Discovery Set, he sets his sights on the eau de parfum ïōdé. As he says himself, this fragrance with a marine note has positively taken him out of his olfactory comfort zone. An unexpected discovery that accompanies him for several weeks now.

Do you like marine fragrances?

The iodé marine fragrance has taken its place in Anil's bathroom

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