The perfumed discovery by Isalès

Isalès from the blog les jolies quinquas shares her perfumed discovery of Carrément Belle fragrances

I enjoyed this perfumed discovery. I took the time to smell on my skin to discover the evolution of the notes throughout the day… no disappointment, I’m conquered to the end!

Isalès from the blog Les Jolies Quinquas

Between travel, beauty and fashion, Isalès shares her discoveries and favorites on her blog Les Jolies Quinquas. Always on the lookout for the latest trends, this passionate likes to discover new ideas to share with her loyal readers. In the South of France, between Nîmes and Montpellier, our paths have crossed for new fragrant adventures…

To discover our perfumes, the olfactory experience began with the Discovery Set. With this box of samples, Isalès was able to plunge her nose into our Collection. So she took the time to discover our world with the explanatory booklet at first. Then, she smelled all the fragrances and tested them on her skin directly to see how the juice evolved throughout the day. A perfumed discovery that was both fun and practical. The pretty blogger set her heart on the eau de parfum musc, fresh and sensual, perfect for the beautiful days ahead.

How did you make your perfumed discovery?

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