Perfume guide for Mother’s Day

Our guide to have the nose and find the perfect perfume for your mum at Mother's Day

Every year for Mother’s Day, it’s always the same headache: finding a gift that is both original and personal. A nice poem or a languorous hug will always please her. But if you’re looking for something really personal, why don’t you opt for a good perfume? Woody, musky, floral or chypre? There are so many choices that choosing the right fragrance is not always easy. Don’t panic: we’ll give you some inspired advices to help you find the perfect essence for her skin.

A not-so-classic gift for Mother’s Day

Offering a perfume is always a good idea. But with all the hype, special offers and discounted sets, you may think that perfume has become an easy solution. Yet, offering a fragrance is choosing a gift like no other. To do that, go beyond the standard shelf and look for originality. You’ll find her an essence she won’t smell on every street corner, and help her explore new olfactory horizons to find the fragrance that will turn her on her head!

Our tips to choose the ultimate perfume for Mother’s Day

Whether your mom is faithful to her favorite notes or changes her perfume according to her mood, she wears her essence like a second skin. It’s hard enough to find a perfume for yourself… so when you have to offer it to someone else, it becomes even more complicated! To avoid false notes and to find the fragrance that will sublimate her every morning, you must consider her tastes, style and personality. Before making up your mind, take a discreet look the bottles on her dressing table. This will help you to identify the notes and accords that she likes!

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Tell me who you love, I’ll tell you what fragrance you’re made for…

Another way to identify the right fragrance for her is to choose according to her character. Like those great feminine icons, your mom is unique: but some ingredients say a lot about our personalities…

Nostalgic and “ippi” soul

Janis Joplin

Time has gone by and yet your mother has never lost her high ideals and this very special wake. Take her back to the heart of the 70s in a few drops, in the hippie generation completely addicted to patchouli. With its earthy and woody notes, ippi patchouli will soon become her new olfactory signature. And if you want to give her a seasonal fragrance, go for the eau de parfum ippi patchouli clair. Its essence is still as woody as ever, but it is wrapped in fresh and citrusy notes, perfect for sunny days.

Sensual from elsewhere


Whether she’s an adventurer or a lover of oriental scents, she loves powerful and warm fragrances that honor her femininity. Take her on a journey to the gates of the Orient with kilim and its bewitching notes of spices, flowers and fruits mixed with patchouli. And if she likes to adorn herself with deliberately sensual accords, the amber and citrusy fragrance of so is made for her.

Elegant and musky

Ava Gardner

Coquette and feminine, her wake should be as elegant as she is. With label rose, opt for a sweet and romantic fragrance, but also wild and spirited that would not leave her indifferent. And since she has a strong yet discreet character, you can also conquer her with musc and the original musc. These intimate and wild perfumes will leave on her skin a wild and enveloping imprint.

Fresh and marine

Florence Arthaud

Your mum definitely has a sea nose and loves scents that plunge her into an olfactory wave. Choose ïōdé and its chypre and floral accord, a light and invigorating essence that will carry her straight to the open sea. Otherwise, invite her to enjoy a festive and refreshing cocktail with alõ! Shivering and soothing, this fragrance will make her explore new horizons.

Gourmand and mischievous

Audrey Hepburn

Impish and sparkling, your mom takes great delight in sweets! With vanille, remind her of the gourmand olfactory memories of a festive kitchen that can be savored like a maternal caress. And if she prefers to wrap herself in invigorating and toning notes, go for enkor without hesitation. This light and green composition will leave a woody, springtime wake behind her.

Curious and daring

Chris, the singer of Christine and the Queens

She is not faint-hearted and does not hesitate to look into the wardrobe of her husband. So why not do the same with her perfume? With 555, promise her a mysterious fragrance, both powdery and peppery. And for the rush of audacity, check out alfred kafé too. Behind its contrast of lavender and coffee hide languorous notes that will awaken all her senses.

Now it’s up to you to find the fragrance that will melt her heart on Mother’s Day. If you need help, advice or inspiration, do not hesitate to contact the Carrément Belle team on the chat on our eshop, on Facebook or Instagram!

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