Tatiana falls for our perfumes made in France

The perfumes chosen by Tatiana from the blog tanush beauty

I can tell you that it wasn’t easy to choose – all the perfumes are sublime!

Tatiana from the blog Tanush Beauty

Tatiana is a pretty Russian young woman who has been living in Paris for more than 10 years. She manages a blog where she puts the emphasis on her passion for French beauty care and cosmetics, whose elegance and simplicity she is particularly fond of.

She is fragrance addict and like with a good wine, Tatiana likes to discover new scents and refine her nose as she travels through the world of scents. Thanks to the Discovery Set, she was able to test and select her favorite perfumes. But the choice was difficult and opting for just one fragrance was impossible! She fell in love with kilim right away. Tatiana quickly succumbed to its warm and spicy notes, which she sees herself wearing for a special occasion. Then, it was the incomparable scent of ïōdé that caught Tatiana’s nose, an ideal fragrance for summer. And finally, the pretty blogger enjoyed the floral freshness of label rose, perfect for the season and to please on Mother’s Day!

And you, what is your favorite Carrément Belle fragrance?

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