A sensual perfume to share for Fanny

Sensual perfume, musc is a unisex fragrance that you can share... or keep just for yourself!

It is a sensual perfume but not provocative, it can be subtle but no less bewitching. It is this perfect combination of contrasts that makes this eau de parfum a real success.

Fanny from the blog Quand Fanny

When Fanny likes something, she loves to tell her community about it! And she does it wonderfully on her blog, her “open book” as she likes to call it, in which she transmits her good mood and her little daily pleasures. From beauty to good addresses, she confides all her tips and her latest discoveries to us, in all simplicity.

After a methodical test thanks to the Discovery Set, Fanny’s nose stopped on musc, a sensual perfume with fresh and enveloping notes. This unisex fragrance seduced her with its nuanced wake: as subtle as it is bewitching, while bringing a floral and fruity touch to her outfit. What does she like about this eau de parfum? The fact that she can also share it with her beloved! Fanny also fell in love with vanille and its sweet, caramelized notes. Letting her creativity and her sense of smell speak for themselves, she tried to associate this gourmand fragrance with the mysterious and sensual perfume of 555. A new combination full of promise that she will wear at nightfall or when autumn will show up…

And you, what is your ultimate sensual perfume?

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