Perfume guide for Father’s Day

For Father's Day, spoil your father with a perfume like no other

A fragrant gift for Father’s Day

He is your everyday superhero. The one who always knows how to console you since your earliest childhood. On Father’s Day, you want to spoil him with a gift that really suits him. You know your daddy by heart, from his style to his smell. While he may be elegant, rather modern or even old-fashioned, it is never too late to offer him a juice that will stick to his skin. Between full-bodied juices, invigorating creations and musky scents, follow the guide to find his new favorite fragrance with compositions that resemble him!

To be sprayed or burned

Far from being a too common gift, offering perfume for Father’s Day remains a solid value to please him. This gift is widely appreciated, but there is no question of taking the first bottle that comes along either. However your Daddy Cool would not be able to resist an original fragrance that you have chosen just for him. It will stick to his skin… or delicately perfume his home! Because yes, feeling good in his home sweet home is also a daddy thing! Opt for a gift that is both olfactory and decorative. Melt his heart with one of our scented candles or offer him a scented nap with our incense sticks to burn.

On the skin or in his interior, your daddy will be perfumed like never before!

Your daddy must be like…

To help you find the fragrance that will tickle his nose, choose the one that matches his personality. So your wonder dad, what does he looks like?

The man

Georges Clooney

Elegant and timeless, he goes through the ages and his charm is as young as ever. Your dad is a real connoisseur and loves original fragrances like no other. Offer him to awaken his senses and delight himself with alfred kafé… what else? Between the power of a coffee aroma and the freshness of lavender, woody notes of sage, cedar and sandalwood mingle in the base notes. Beware, this is a fragrance we quickly fall in love with…

Dreamer with a marine nose

Jacques Mayol

He loves wide open-space and to walk by the beach, gazing vacantly around him to find himself in front of the big blue sea lost in thoughts and invigorated by the fresh air. Take him on a cruise with ïōdé, he will be guided by this soft and chypre fragrance with marine and subtly floral scents. Second option for the captain of your heart: a festive cocktail with alõ, to be savored like a shiver on the skin!

Tender-hearted charmer

Clark Gable

At the first gust of wind, the bewitching scent of this gentleman father makes an impression and titillates the nostrils. Thanks to his charisma, which has nothing old-fashioned about it, he does not leave anyone indifferent and is not afraid to intrigue or to stand out in society. His olfactory signature is as mysterious as he is… With 555, he reveals his tender heart and sweetness but shows also all of his virility thanks to a bursting and peppery touch.

Sensuality closer to his skin

Yves Klein

Discreet but powerful, he is the embodiment of quiet strength. He does not need to overdo to comfort you and assert his strong character. His sensitivity reveals on the surface of the skin with the original musc. Offer him the caress of an intimate and wild perfume that will release the animal in him! With its musky notes warmed up with a touch of amber, he will gladly let himself be convinced by this sensual fragrance.

Sparkling freshness

James Dean

He never stops and is always seeking freshness and novelty. He is a go-getter, a sportsman and a hyperactive with a fiery character who appreciates juices as tonic as he is. To spoil him, choose enkor, a fresh fragrance full of pep. Its invigorating fruit and citrus notes coupled with the strength of a woody wake make this composition a light and unexpected fragrance for dads who are unable to stand still!

Happy and “ippi” memories

Jimi Hendrix

A bit whimsical, rather adventurous and romantic in his spare time, he likes to wrap himself in warm perfumes with deep and woody scents. Take him on a journey through time and the Orient. He will discover ippi patchouli, the eternal fragrance of a generation with happy memories. Resinous and earthy, patchouli reveals itself in all its splendor to delicately impregnate your beloved daddy.

Now all you have to do is choose the fragrance that will have the best chance of conquering his heart and nose… And giving him tender shivers for Father’s Day! And if you need any advice, a final helping hand or if you just want to exchange a few words with us… chat live here with the Carrément Belle team.

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