The eau de parfum SO under Oceane’s skin

L'eau de parfum so has conquered Océane's nose, from the blog je veux tout tester

A few drops of SO, and it was a revelation, it was the crush, the eau de parfum SO was what I’m looking for!

Oceane from the blog “Je veux tout tester”

The pretty Oceane likes to test everything to discover new beauty or fashion gems. She then shares all her discoveries with her community of avid readers. As an inhabitant of the city of Nîmes, where our workshop has been established for more than 30 years, Oceane has known Carrément Belle since the beginning of its history, when the former shop offered all sorts of fashion accessories in the city’s alleyways.

She was already familiar with the woody and resinous scent of ippi patchouli that wafted through the boutique and perfumed all her gift packages. Oceane then test the rest of the Collection thanks to the Discovery Set. She was first conquered by kilim and its warm and spicy notes, then by the gourmand shades of vanille. But it was finally on the eau de parfum SO that her nose completely fell in love! “SO contains all the scents I like to find in a perfume.” A true olfactory revelation for this lover of oriental notes.

In the eau de parfum SO, she likes the warmth of amber, combined with the freshness of citrus. Oceane has not finished wrapping herself in her new sensual, spicy and floral wake… A fragrant program rich in scents!

And what is your latest fragrant crush?

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