Mix and match: mix me if you can!

Mix and match fragrances or the art of layering: mixing fragrances to create a unique combination

Finding your perfume, the one that will perfectly match your desires and your skin, that will make you stand out but not too much, that will finally become YOUR scent… This is a difficult task! Some people spend their whole life in search of the perfect perfume, while others try to create one made-to-measure. And then there are those who share a perfumed gesture that is both simple and clever: making your own blend by combining two different fragrances to create a unique scent! Bold and creative, this mix and match of fragrances allows curious noses to wear a fragrance that will perfectly suit their personality. Our advices to associate the right notes

What’s mix and match?

In our individualistic society, we are increasingly looking to differentiate ourselves through a personalized offer, even in the way we perfume ourselves. Today, we no longer want to smell like everyone else and to find our perfume on every street corner. This is how the trend of mix and match perfumes has been developing and attracting both novices and more experienced noses in recent years.

This technique of mixing and combining fragrances is also called layering. It consists of mixing several olfactory creations at once to create a trail that belongs only to its creator. Originally from the Middle East, this technique is practiced almost daily. For men and women from the East, it is even a real ritual that everyone applies differently. Depending on their mood, the occasion or the time of year, they combine the power of the oud with the warmth of musk or the softness of the rose… Unions rich in contrasts!

Our advices to avoid the “fragrance faux pas”

Creating a unique scent that belongs only to you, the gesture seems rather easy. Combining several layers of perfume is fun, but it is not always that easy! If you have ever tried it, you may know that some blends are less successful than others. So, to find the winning combination and avoid black mark, here are a few tips to get started in the art of mix and match.

The easy option: mixing textures

You are new to the art of mix and match and do not feel like a perfumer yet? You can get started without taking too many risks by trying to mix different textures. All you have to do is combine one or more complementary products with your favorite fragrance.

That is the simple layering technique. To play it safe and make the scents match, you choose compositions that come from the same olfactory family (do not worry, our dedicated article will help you find your way around). For example, opt for a rose-scented body cream that will leave a first olfactory film on your skin, it will be the basis of your blend. Then spray a few drops of your favorite floral fragrance and feel how its wake intensifies and unveils new nuances. The perfume will last even longer on moisturized skin and will release new olfactory facets. With this technique you can use all kinds of scented products: from shower gel to hair mist or body oil.

Play the right accords

It’s time to go for it! For the mix and match to work, it is essential to choose the different fragrances that will best complement each other to create a harmonious and balanced fragrance. There are no real instructions on how to use the notes to be blend. However, a few elements can guide your first steps in layering.

Complementary notes

First of all, it is important to take a closer look at your fragrance to get to know its different notes: powdery, marine, gourmand… Try to combine fragrances with complementary notes in order not to distort them. You should therefore avoid using two heady fragrances together that would “crash” into each other. We also advise you not to mix two scents with very complex olfactory pyramids. Overlaying them will create too much information and no dominant note will emerge.

You will then be able to play with your different fragrances and compose the scent that suits you! You want a sweet note in your usual fragrance but are afraid of overdosing? Go for fruity notes that will offer a gourmand touch. Citrus will make any fragrance shiver with freshness, musk will give depth and roundness, vanilla will reveal its seductive side…

Opposites attract

Another way to dedicate yourself to the art of mix and match is to associate juices with opposite notes. You should not hesitate to test and dare to associate fragrances with strong contrasts. Side by side, they will reveal multiple facets. So, you can combine a woody scent with a fruitier one, associate spicy with sweet, or fresh scents with more gourmand shades. In short, it’s up to you!

The application

Now, how do you apply the mix on the skin? The first tip to follow is to spray the most intense fragrance, the one that will dominate, at first. Then you can add a few drops of the more delicate and lighter juice on top. It is important to respect this “right order” to avoid the headier juice preventing the lighter fragrance from expressing itself. This technique will allow you to obtain a nice balance. However, patience will be required. Wait a few seconds between sprays. This will give the first fragrance time to “grip” on your skin before it blends perfectly with the second fragrance.

If you are reluctant to spray several juices on top of each other, you can simply choose to wear one fragrance on your neck and the second fragrance on the hollow of your wrists or in your hair.


The last piece of advice we could give you is to simply dare! There are no rules or combinations to banish, as long as your nose is satisfied. Fragrance is a subjective art, so if you like a particular blend, go for it! Do not hesitate to try again and again. Not all layering will be good to keep, but in the end unexpected associations will arise and you will certainly manage to find your perfect match, that’s the magic of layering!

Mix and match Carrément Belle style: our winning duos

Among the anecdotes that you tell us, we noticed that many of you combine several of our fragrances with each other, to create an original wake, but above all not to choose between your favorite perfumes! Between your beautiful ideas and our inspirations, here are three delicious olfactory mixes that seduce our (and your) nostrils.

Woody delicacy

ippi patchouli & vanille

The sweet smooth of vanille meets the earthy notes of our iconic ippi patchouli. In this gourmand and woody mix, nuances of caramelized almond and vanilla blend perfectly with the floral, fruity and resinous wake of ippi patchouli. Your nose (and your heart) may very well melt for this creation that is both warm and comforting, to be worn summer and winter!

Intimate romanticism

label rose & musc

Our latest overlay combines two fragrances that are soft and enveloping with their floral and fruity facets. Label rose will bring to the blend the elegance and tenderness of Damascena rose petals. Thanks to the fresh notes of melon and raspberry, musc will offer a hint of lightness and an extra animal touch to this intimate and romantic mix and match. Sensual and spicy, these two fragrances will wrap your skin in a wake that will turn heads!

There are many other combinations to make with your favourite beautiful fragrances! Do you like to mix fragrances? If so, which ones?

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