The eau de parfum ïōdé in Christèle’s notebooks

the eau de parfum iodé conquered Christèle's nose, from the blog les carnets d'une quadra

I don’t regret my choice because the eau de parfum ïōdé is so pleasant, perfect for summer… an invigorating, explosive sensation with fullness.

Christèle from the blog “Les carnets d’une quadra”

Christèle is a sparkling Lyonnaise from France who tells about her adventures on her blog Les carnets d’une quadra. She is epicurean and multifaceted and she shares her latest crushes in gastronomy, fashion and finally beauty. Attached to promoting brands that are close to her convictions, Christèle likes to talk about Made in France and craftsmanship… We were made to get along!

Christèle is a perfume fanatic, but she demands a real character from them, with that extra touch that brings out an emotion. This is what she found in our Collection thanks to the Discovery Set. During her methodical discovery of all our fragrances that she shares on video, Christèle hesitated for a long time with SO and 555. But it was the eau de parfum ïōdé that finally won all the votes! A fresh and invigorating composition, perfect for the summer season. In short, the choice went to ïōdé, an eau de parfum both floral and marine, that will follow her even after the summer break, to prolong the sweet sensation of summer even further. And the beautiful blogger does not intend to stop there, as it seems that home fragrances also eye her up, before tickling her nose! Enough to spend beautiful fragrant evenings…

Have you already tested this fragrance?

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