5 mistakes to avoid with perfume

the 5 mistakes you shouldn't make with your perfume...

It’s time to go back to work! We take this opportunity to look back at our books and review the classics of perfumery. The first step is to make sure that you adopt the right gestures every day when perfuming yourself. So, to help you avoid committing a blunder, we decipher the five big mistakes about perfume. From the choice of composition to the spray technique, we tell you everything!

1. No, perfume does not cover up smells

The alarm clock has been ringing for a long time, but you hardly get out of bed, no time to take a shower. So, you think that one (or many) sprays will save your day and bring you freshness and cleanliness. We are sorry to disappoint you, but no! Contrary to what Louis XIV and his perfumed court thought, who rarely washed themselves, perfume does not hide bad smells. And above all, it does not make up for the lack of hygiene! Indeed, the perfume will not be able to make you “clean”. Worse, the mixture of smells will be all the more dubious! Your colleagues will quickly realize this hazardous technique, and you risk being relegated to the back of the open space…

2. Taking your deodorant for perfume (or the other way around)

On the other hand, there are those who spray half of their deodorant on their upper body every morning or after a good workout. However, perfume and deodorant are two very different products. While deodorants have sometimes exotic smells, they cannot do the same job as your favorite fragrance. Indeed, the smell of the deodorant, however powerful it may be, will not “perfume” you. The formulas of these two products are very different, and the composition work behind them is even more so. And conversely, perfume does not help you fight perspiration at all. Don’t carry it in your gym bag, it will be lighter (you’re welcome). And be careful not to make one of these mistakes by confusing your bottles in the bathroom!

3. The art of spraying

When you love, you want to enjoy it even more. And you quickly tend to spray the precious scented drops everywhere. Yet there are certain areas of the body that are best suited to enjoy your favorite fragrance even more. We have already told you about it here, but do not hesitate to spray your perfume on the “hot” areas of your body. Where smells can weave in and out. These include pulse points such as the neck, the hollow of the knees, the inside of the elbow or the wrists.

Speaking of wrists, one of the biggest mistakes we all make with perfume is rubbing them after spraying. It’s not a good idea, and even worse, it makes the skin warm. Enzymes are released and can then slightly modify the smell of your perfume! You can also perfume your hair and clothes, so that the notes follow you even longer.

4. “Over-perfuming”: not such a good idea

We have already seen it several times, notably here and here again, our nose is a formidable appendage with a very powerful memory. And precisely, this olfactory memory stores a very large number of scents in its internal library. Above all, it makes our brain get used to the smells that surround us. From fried food to our perfume, we very quickly have the impression that after a certain time we do not “smell” these odors anymore.

So don’t panic! If you have the impression that your perfume does not smell anymore, it’s probably because your nose has gotten used to it. But that is not necessarily the case with your neighbors. It is therefore useless to perfume yourself twice as much, at the risk of annoying those around you. Because you should not think that the more perfume you put on, the better you will smell, or the longer the scent will last. “Over-spraying” is therefore rarely pleasant for those who cross your path… And who will keep your scent in their nose for hours on end! Of course, there is no rule about the ideal number of sprays to apply per day. But subtlety and discretion can also be good and can save you from making many mistakes with your perfume.

5. Think that there is only “mass distribution”

Please note that supermarkets and other superstores are not involved in the “mass-distribution” here. We are obviously talking about the “mainstream” distribution of perfumery, in particular in stores specializing in cosmetics. Going towards this distribution network is particularly easy because in addition to finding them everywhere, the brands distributed there are present in many media through large-scale advertising campaigns. But since perfume is a personal thing, a scent that belongs to you, you sometimes have to dare to venture off the beaten path to discover new olfactory treasures. In this article, we explained the concept of niche perfumery and Carrément Belle’s positioning. As you can see, we want to voluntarily stay on the sidelines of this “mass-market”. Our objective is to offer you more confidential scents and keep our proximity with you.

There are no right or wrong choices. When you are looking for your next fragrance, do not hesitate to see further than the end of your nose! And if you are still in doubt before you take the plunge, our Discovery Set is for you. It will allow you to test all of our fragrances before deciding which one will definitely make you fall for it!

Of course, these tips are to be taken lightly and with a pinch of salt! Each of us has already made mistakes with perfume. But it’s never too late to enrich your olfactory culture and learn more about the right gestures to adopt. Our blog is made to help you!

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