Florette tests and takes the plunge with alõ

alõ in the eyes and nose of the blogger Florette

Alõ is the perfect balance between a green and fresh scent, and an iodine fragrance.

Florette, from the blog Bulles de Tests

Florette, as she is known by her little nickname, has always been passionate about cosmetics and well-being. As an experienced tester and a recognized chatterer, she had the idea of bringing together her passions and desires to talk about her various crushes on a blog: Bulles de tests. On this platform, it is as if she invites you to take a walk in her bathroom and on her dressing table, to discover her favorite products.

This fragrant story begins first with a test, as Florette likes to describe them so well: that of the Discovery Set. She was thus able to discover our history and our fragrances at her own pace, and to choose the one she liked best, not without some difficulty and a few hesitations! So, it was on the eau de parfum alõ and its marine notes that Florette fell in love! She has thus found a fresh and aromatic perfume which allows her to prolong the summer a little longer. Moreover, alõ is a mixed composition, and it is also what seduced the pretty blogger, a fan of fragrances with original juices. The formula of alõ combines ingredients with marine and citrus notes, with a warm base where a soothing vetiver takes place. To be savored like a cocktail by the sea…

Have you ever smelled and felt the freshness of alõ?


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