555, the perfume that Julie shares with her better half!

Julie is happy to share her eau de parfum 555 with her beloved one

I really like 555 for its amber incense scent. It has something warm and Mediterranean with its spices.

Julie from the blog “les paillettes en goguette”

Julie is a passionate young woman who loves to distill good humor and discoveries on her blog “les paillettes en goguette”. She loves to share her latest beauty favorites. She also attaches particular importance to the work of French designers and local craftsmen. But that’s not all! Julie is a blogger from Nîmes, and proud of it! Nîmes, the city that saw the birth of the Carrément Belle story and which still hosts the workshop where we fill your bottles by hand every day. So between Julie and us, it could only match!

Already familiar with the woody and resinous scents of ippi patchouli, which still evoke memories of her youth, the young woman has been tempted by new olfactory treasures thanks to the Discovery Set. If the choice was difficult, it was the eau de parfum 555 that finally captivated her nose! In its sober and elegant bottle, 555 contains a mysterious fragrance that is both tender and virile. Its sparkling, warm and peppery notes first intrigued her before finally making her fall for it! A touch of iris for femininity, a little pinch of pepper for the virile side and a generous dose of spices to complete the whole… This is a fragrance that leaves no one indifferent! And Julie didn’t take long to discover it since her beloved also fell under the spell of the composition. 555, a fragrance that sticks to their skin, like a fragrant secret to share!

Do you know 555? Have you ever shared your perfume with your better half?

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