The eau de parfum alfred kafé wins Charlotte’s heart (and nose)

the eau de parfum alfred kafé made Charlotte and her bearded man fall for it

The eau de parfum alfred kafé perfume suits my better-half, he likes it very much and it fits perfectly on his skin. This eau de parfum is delicate and its warm notes make it very fragrant without being heady.

Charlotte, from the blog “Nous les nanas”

Charlotte shares on her blog “Nous les nanas” all her discoveries in terms of beauty, well-being, fashion but also her latest cooking recipes! Epicurean and coquette, the pretty blogger is particularly interested in French know-how and craftsmanship as well as in brands whose values touch her particularly: authenticity and simplicity at the service of quality! We were made to “meet” each other…

When it comes to perfume, Charlotte’s nose is torn! She doesn’t hesitate to change fragrance everyday, depending on her moods or the season. But one thing is sure, perfume is a daily gesture to feel good. And this is also the case for her Bearded Man, as she likes to call him. So it was as a couple that these two scent lovers tested the Discovery Set.

And the charm worked with the eau de parfum alfred kafé, which seduced their noses with its aromatic and lavender accents. Its formula features powerful coffee aromas, which are sprinkled with tender and soothing lavender. The alfred kafé fragrance is as powerful as it is delicate, and now accompanies Charlotte’s beloved throughout the day! A Carrément Belle fragrance for him… But also for these ladies who are not afraid to dare and wear stronger juices!

Have you ever smelled the fragrant notes of alfred kafé?

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