Where to apply perfume?

Discover where to apply perfume depending on your type of fragrance.

Perfuming yourself is such a common gesture for most of us that we do not even realize how we do it anymore. And yet, if we asked 10 people the best places to apply perfume, we would certainly get several different answers… But all of them would be equally relevant! There are as many people as there are ways to perfume yourself, because when the time comes, everyone has their own personal touch, their own little ritual to seduce and please themselves. However, there are areas that are particularly adapted to honor your favorite fragrance. Overview and explanations.

How did we used to perfume ourselves before?

During our travels through history and around the globe, we have seen that perfumed rituals have evolved considerably over time, with innovations and different cultures. The first recorded act of perfuming appears in Ancient Egypt. At that time, aromatic herbs and resins were burned over the fire to fill the house and impregnate clothes. Afterwards, solid perfumes appeared. Men and women rub their bodies with oily ointments with the scent of flowers or spices. In the Middle Ages, the powerful essences were worn around the neck or tied around the belt, nestled in the hollow of precious jewelry.

With the arrival of liquid perfume, the gesture changes but the quantity is always important: people literally “spray” themselves with perfume thanks to sprinklers. During the beginnings of modern perfumery in the 19th century, the first bottles of Eau de Cologne were equipped with a small dropper pipette, the use of which was inspired from the medical world. It was not until a few more years later that the spray bottle was born, which now adorns the vast majority of bottles and has profoundly changed the way of perfuming oneself.

Where to apply perfume? Skin or clothes?

Is it better to perfume your clothes, or should you spray a few drops directly on your skin? This is a real debate! No right or wrong answer since both options are good! It will depend on the desired effect, the concentration of your perfumed product or the lasting of your fragrance over time. On the skin, the gesture will definitely be more sensual to tie the perfume with your own scent. Spraying on your clothes will allow the wake to stay even longer, leaving behind a beautiful olfactory mark.

Perfume yourself wherever you want to be kissed!

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Where to apply perfume on the body?

The skin has its own scent. It is a living ground on which the perfume will settle and create a new alchemy. If you want to know more about this almost perfect marriage, go here. Our fragrances are composed of natural ingredients, “living” raw materials that will evolve on contact with your skin. These are complemented by synthetic materials, which are more stable and linear. This mixture will therefore blend with your own scent, to become a unique wake.

The pulsation zones

As you can see, the scents are revealed when they get in touch with the epidermis and the heat. This is why we recommend that you spray your fragrance on the so-called “pulsation” parts of the body. These are the areas of your skin that give off the most heat. In these areas, the blood pulsation is important. The nape of the neck of course, behind the ears, the chest, the lower back or the navel are as many privileged places to apply your perfume. Sensual, this application reveals itself as close as possible to your skin and those close to you. By small touches or a few drops thanks to the spray, be careful not to overdose!

Mobile areas

To leave an olfactory imprint behind you and make your visit a real scented memory, it is advisable to spray the fragrance on certain mobile areas of your body. In addition to being hot zones, the joints are also a good place to spray as they will come into action every time you move. All your movements will then allow you to spread the fragrance even more in a subtle and delicate wake. The hollow of your wrists (without rubbing them!), the inside of your elbows or knees, your ankles… It’s up to you!

And what about the hair?

If you don’t want to perfume your skin directly you can always impregnate your hair for a fragrance that lasts! Indeed, hair is a very good “support” on which to deposit a scent. It will quickly absorb the fragrance and reveal all its nuances with every movement of the head. But be careful, not just any way! Perfumes contain high-dose alcohol in their composition. If you spray the juice directly on your roots, it can irritate your scalp and dry it out. We therefore advise you to spray a few drops on your lengths or apply perfume directly to your hairbrush or comb.

Perfuming your clothes, yes, but how?

To intensify the wake and make your fragrance a real accessory, perfume your clothes is a really nice idea. Indeed, fabrics absorb odors very well and for a very long time. The hem of a skirt, the collar of a wool jumper or the scarf of your beloved to leave a memory of you… These are all ways to perfume your clothes. But certain precautions must be taken to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some textile materials do not tolerate perfume very well. This is the case with silk, which will form rings. Also avoid synthetic garments (such as viscose or polyamide) which can distort the scent. It is better to opt for fabrics with natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, velvet or cotton. To avoid stains on your light-colored items, spray a cloud of perfume in front of you and dive in immediately.

Tell us what’s your fragrance…

You have understood, there are many parts of your body where to apply perfume. Defining the best of them mainly depends on the type of fragrance you use. In fact, some areas of your body will be better to give off an eau de parfum or an eau de toilette. Some others will best enhance a more powerful and precious pure perfume. But one thing is sure: always try to apply your fragrance on a clean skin!

If you wear an eau de parfum, the pulse zones will be ideal for revealing notes throughout the day. For an eau de toilette, you can also spray your fragrance in the air above your head, before placing yourself under. In this way it perfumes your body and clothes. Finally, the pure perfume (also called essence de parfum at Carrément Belle, or elsewhere perfume extract or still simply perfume) can be applied in the neck, on your chest, the wrists or the hollow of you knees. Here again, use it by touch or with a spray, but always sparingly. A pure perfume is more concentrated in raw materials than the other types of perfumes. It is therefore more powerful. A drop can be enough…

It is important to remind that there are plenty of habits. All of them are fine as long as you take pleasure to perfume yourself every day! And you, where do you prefer to apply your fragrance?

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