The perfume guide for Christmas

Offering a perfume at Christmas is the assurance of a thoughtful and noticed gift, to surprise your loved ones little noses

With just a few weeks to go before Christmas, the gift race has really started! Every year it’s the same headache to find original and attractive ideas that will delight your loved ones. How do you find the perfect gift, the one that is sure to please and that won’t be resold on the Internet or brought back to the shop a few days later? How about giving perfume for Christmas? Check out our guide to find the perfect scented present to turn the noses upside down!

Good reasons to give perfume for Christmas

To tell the truth, there is no real opportunity to treat yourself with a perfume or to offer a bottle to your entourage. But Christmas and the enchantment that surrounds this holiday season is even more favorable to offering fragrances that will stick to the skin of your loved ones. Indeed, perfume is above all a practical gift. Many of us spray ourselves with our fragrance every day. Some even repeat this gesture several times during the day so that their wake always follows them closely. Others use it more rarely, to mark special occasions and make them even more precious. In any case, it is rare that a bottle of perfume ends up alone at the bottom of a drawer!

It is also a lasting present, which keeps well over time and does not deteriorate, (provided you take care of it: we tell you everything here). More, offering perfume at Christmas means showing that you know everything about the personality of the recipient. It is a gift with strong emotional powers, which will tickle the olfactory memory and touch the heart of your beloved!

How to choose a fragrance to give as a gift?

It’s decided, this year at the foot of the tree, they will find perfume! Yes, but which one? In what form? What type of juice? Which olfactory family? So many questions that you can ask yourself before offering a perfume for Christmas. To answer all these questions, there is nothing complicated: take the time to remember what is special about the person you want to offer this gift. By deciphering his or her tastes and scenting ritual, you have great chances to find the olfactory surprise that will tickle the lucky one’s nostrils!

Notes: the first step

The first step is to look for the addressee’s favorite scents in order to identify the notes and olfactory families particularly liked. You can first take a look at products that have already been used and distinguish shared smells and ingredients. Next, take a closer look at his/her personality to see which accords would be most appropriate. To help you, don’t hesitate to perfect your olfactory culture on this blog. Woody, oriental, floral, fruity, leathery, citrus or even spicy, discover all the facets of these olfactory nuances to find the ideal fragrance.

Concentration according to habits

Your choice is now made on a specific fragrance, you just have to decide on its concentration. There are many different types of fragrances: Eau de Cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum… To understand the difference between all these names, click here. Once again, this choice will depend on how the recipient of the present likes the perfume. At Carrément Belle, we offer eaux de parfum, made for your daily routine and whose intensity varies according to the compositions and ingredients. You can also find pure perfumes (sometimes called extracts or essences by our fellow perfumers) whose power and vibrancy are the major assets! More concentrated in raw materials, pure perfumes will delight lovers of powerful perfumes or those who reserve it for important moments.

What about the house?

The skin is now perfumed, so let’s take care of the house! Giving a home fragrance at Christmas is also a great gift idea that will appeal to decoration fans and perfume lovers in an all-in-one object! Depending on the recipient’s habits, you can choose between a scented candle or incense to burn. As a real decorative object with a high concentration of perfume, candles will fill a room with fragrance while creating a warm atmosphere, conducive to relaxation. In another style, incense sticks will impregnate your home with a delicate and restful scent. In the strike of a match, volutes of smoke will quietly rock you in the arms of Morpheus.

Our ideas to make sure you don’t make a mistake: scented sets

To help you, Santa Claus and the Baigneuse have thought of everything and have concocted 6 scented sets. Mixing format, product and composition, each of these sets has its own personality, to best suit the ones of your friends and family!

La Patchouli Addict

Patchouli under the skin

For those crazy about patchouli and lovers of this addictive ingredient, this set contains our 3 creations built around this leaf with almost magical powers. The Baigneuse invites you to (re)discover these classics, like travel memories. A journey that begins in the East with kilim, a spicy and flowery patchouli, which continues through the ages with ippi patchouli and its woody and resinous shades, to return to the present moment with ippi patchouli clair and its gourmand and citrusy touch.

La Collectionneuse

Perfume is its best ally

La Collectionneuse is a passionate! And this is even more the case for her favorite fragrance, which she possesses in almost any form. Her eau de parfum stands proudly on her dressing table in its large format and slips easily into her handbag to follow her every day. And for the evening, a few drops of pure perfume will warm up her festive outfits with an intense wake…

La Rêveuse

The nose in the clouds

This perfumed set combines the delicacy of an eau de parfum with the bewitching fragrance of incense sticks. A set that will allow the imaginative to let themselves be lulled by the smoke rings while enjoying their favorite fragrance in the hollow of their neck. A perfect atmosphere to plunge into a restful nap or a relaxing meditation.

Le Bel Homme

Fragrant thoughts

Throughout his adventures, Le Bel Homme always has inspired ideas, which he likes to write down in his notebook. And if he never goes out without being perfumed, he also likes to bask in the sofa to let himself be hypnotized by the dance of the smoke of his favorite incense! Don’t stop at its seductive name, this gift set will charm all noses, whether curious or sharp!


Inflamed declaration

To live of love and (pure) perfume, that’s her motto! Faithful to her beloved fragrance, L’Amoureuse loves it from every angle. She is not afraid to declare her love by the glow of a scented candle, under the rain of a few drops of an eau de parfum or in the veil of smoke from burning incense.

La Pantouflarde

Relaxing moment

Feeling good at home is priceless and La Pantouflarde has understood this! Far from being a slacker, she delights in these little moments of happiness, in her warm and cozy interior. To add an olfactory touch, she perfumes her home with the melting wax of a candle or a soothing incense. A guaranteed moment of relaxation…

Need a last word of advice before you start? Come and livechat with us or leave us a message. We are here to help you! So, what fragrant surprise will be blooming at the foot of the Christmas tree this year?

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