How to take care of a scented candle?

Our advices to take care of your scented candle and make it last longer.

When winter is just around the corner, the desire to burn candles is at its height. Addicted to home fragrances and candle lover? Today we explain how to take care of a scented candle. In a few lines, discover these simple and quick steps to learn how to make them last over and over again…

Such beautiful candles

To let you enjoy your favorite fragrances differently, we have captured the woody scent of ippi patchouli, the flowery sea breeze of ïōdé, the amber sensuality of SO and the sweetness of vanille in soft and intensely scented candles. In their glass jar, these candles are both decorative and olfactory objects that will allow you to create a warm atmosphere in your home. You already cherish your perfume, so here are some easy and practical tips on how to care for your scented candle as well.

How to take care of a scented candle in 4 steps

The fundamentals

First of all, carefully take your lovely candle out of its cardboard packaging and already enjoy its cold scent! Before taking out your matchbox, remember to place it in a closed room without draught, on a flat, non-fragile and of course non-flammable surface. Be careful, the glass container can heat up after a few hours. So don’t risk damaging your beautiful shelves or the living room table! Keep it away from children and curious kittens. That being said, let’s do it: strike a match and light the pure cotton wick!

Light and enjoy

When lit for the first time, burn the candle for at least 1 to 2 hours. The surface must be entirely liquid to obtain the best combustion regularity. This is the time it takes for the wax to melt to the edges of the jar. This prevents the creation of ungraceful “craters” which will make it difficult for the candle to burn beyond this boundary the next time it is used. You may then not be able to enjoy all the wax in the candle. Then it is recommended to burn the scented candle during 2 hours at a time, maximum 3 hours consecutively. If the candle burns too long, the liquid part will be too thick and the wick may become out of focus and drown.

There you are: comfortably lying on your sofa under the warmth of your soft and cozy plaid. You enjoy the delicate fragrance of your favorite perfume that fills your house: a moment of pure happiness! Do not forget, don’t move your candle while it is burning, you could burn yourself with splashes of wax.

The wick: central element

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the edges of your candle’s jar can turn black and the wick forms a small ball that is difficult to re-light? This is usually due to the wick being too long, which leads to poor combustion. To avoid this and to take care of a scented candle, it is essential to take care of the wick.

An important tip to remember is to cut and clean the wick before each use. Why should I do this? Firstly, to prevent the flame from being too high and your candle from burning too quickly. But also to avoid soot fumes that can give off black smoke and dirty the inside of the pot. When you relight your candle, hold the compass in your eye and cut the wick about 3 to 5mm high. This will extend the life of the candle.

Time to say goodbye: extinguish your scented candle well

It is now time to extinguish your candle before taking an unexpected restful nap… Do not blow out the wick: use a candle snuffer or dive the wick into the hot liquid wax before straightening it up immediately. You can use a knife for instance: this will avoid the smell of smoke and protect the wick. Before you doze off, make sure the wick remains in its central position and straight.

The last drops of wax are melting, this time it’s sure your candle is finished… Don’t be sad, its story is not over yet! You can always recycle the jar of your candle to give it a second life: we give you some advice here. And if you want to know all about the production secrets of our beautiful candles, this is the place to go! It is time for us to wish you a cozy and perfumed nap…

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