Cocooning atmosphere with the scented candle vanille

the scented candle vanille melted Stéphanie's heart with its gourmand scent

The scented candle vanille is a pure delicacy with its notes of vanilla, almond and caramel.

Stéphanie from the blog S the crazy girl

Stéphanie is a blogger full of life with impulse! Passionate about the world of beauty and well-being, she never tires of making new discoveries. She gladly shares her discoveries through her blog where she invites us to take a seat in her living room and bathroom. For Stéphanie, it’s important to allow yourself moments of relaxation just for yourself to get rid of the stress of everyday life. Her solutions? Read a good novel, take care of your skin, or even light a candle! A real sensory experience that brings her relaxation and serenity.

It was precisely in her living room that Stephanie discovered the scented candle vanille for the first time. If she hesitated a lot with the other scents of the collection, it is on vanille that her nose succumbed! As a fan of cocooning atmospheres and gourmand perfumes, all the ingredients were there to conquer the young woman. Just by opening the cardboard box, the blogger’s nostrils are titillated by this gourmand smell with spicy accents. The scented candle vanille releases scents of almond, tobacco and caramel. Even when cold, it fills Stéphanie’s living room with a delicious sweet fragrance. Once lit, the candle is ready for 45 hours of (happiness) burning and just as many evenings to snuggle under a comfy blanket!

Do you like gourmand scented candles? What is your favorite scent?

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