Cristina falls for our marine scents

the marine scents of alõ and ïōdé tickle Cristina's nose

Miss Tenerelli, alias Cristina, is an Italian woman with a passion for perfume and all kinds of scents. On her Youtube channel, she shares all her beautiful finds. As fan of gourmand perfume, she had already tested and approved the eau de parfum vanille. She likes to wear it in autumn and winter, to warm herself with its sweet and regressive notes. But her favorite perfumes are undoubtedly the marine scents. She likes them on the skin as well as in diffusion at home!

So for this new discovery of our Collection, Cristina takes the plunge. She opted for our two marine scents: alõ and ïōdé. And it was with the scented candle ïōdé that her nose was first titillated. This fresh and intense fragrance already perfumes her interior, even when cold! Then once lit, the candle unveils its chypre and floral accord, and releases its marine scents like a pure and sweet olfactory wave. In terms of skin perfume, it is the festive alõ that made the blogger succumb. This recipe combines gin and ginger and blossoms in festive and citrus notes to finish on a soothing base thanks to vetiver. To be savored like a cocktail, at the water’s edge!

Do you like marine scents?

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