A gourmand home scent for Majorie with the candle vanille

The scented candle vanille is our gourmand home scent, to perfume your interior with sweetness and pleasure

A really nice discovery that I recommend to all the lovers of gourmand home scent. A beautiful gift to offer or to treat yourself and a nice brand to discover.

Marjorie, alias Mamzelle Cupcake

Marjorie is a young mother from the South of France. Sparkling and passionate, she shares her favorites on her blog. She loves to create beautiful pastries with her nimble fingers. And her love of sweetness does not stop at her palate since her nose is also fond of sugary scents, both warm and comforting.

So it’s no surprise that this pretty blogger fell in love with the scented candle vanille. Its high concentration in perfume allows Marjorie to diffuse a powerful and warm scent in her home sweet home. As a truly gourmand home scent, its vanilla wake is coated with a flowing caramel and sprinkled with sweet and powdery almond chips. A slightly spicy and downright addictive fragrance that did not leave the young mother indifferent! All you have to do is strike a match… And relax to enjoy 45 hours of pure perfumed happiness, or a well-deserved nap!

Do you like gourmand home scent? What ingredients do you like to smell in your interior?

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