Inspired ideas #1: dare a discreet perfume

the discreet perfume is an intimate fragrance that reveals itself close to the skin.

Among scent addicts and perfume fans, many are lovers of powerful fragrances, the ones which leave a noticeable wake behind them. But there are also many enthusiasts of discreet perfume, which unveils itself close to the skin. These intimate, almost confidential fragrances, reveal themselves to the closest noses and are savored without making a fuss! Discover that even in perfumery, discretion is sometimes good!

Discreet perfume: the real good idea

But then what is a discreet perfume? In perfumery, discretion does not mean that a fragrance does not give off scent, or worse, that it will evaporate very quickly so that it does not smell at all after a few minutes. A discrete perfume is a fragrance whose smell does not reveal itself in an intense and powerful way. If you opt for a more muffled perfume, its wake will not fill the whole room when you pass, but it will reveal itself on your skin.

Why wear a discreet perfume?

The discreet perfume is confidential. It is a pleasure that we offer above all to ourselves and for those closest to us, the lucky ones who have the right to enter our intimate sphere. The discrete perfume thus has indeed a smell, but this one is simply not within the reach of all the noses! It will adapt as well as possible to certain circumstances or events to be noticed in all discretion. Also, it will please especially the noses of 7 to 77 years (and even more!). It is the type of fragrance that we also appreciate even more when temperatures rise and the desire for lighter and fresher perfumes is felt. In short you will have understood it, all the occasions are good to opt for a discrete perfume!

Discreet perfume: an history of ingredients…

Discretion can be revealed in the composition of a fragrance. Indeed, the perfumer can play with the notes to combine several light ingredients. This is why you will often find musky, powdery or floral notes in a discreet fragrance. On the other hand, woody or oriental notes are rarely used. Their fragrant power is such that it could “crush” lighter, and sometimes more volatile materials. Precious woods, resins or even gourmand ingredients will wait their turn to invite themselves into other compositions. So, to make the lighter notes of a discreet perfume stick, like floral or fruity nuances, some powerful materials are used as fixative. It is generally the case of amber, which will instantly warm up a discreet perfume without making it too heavy, or musk for its intimate and comforting side.

… and concentration

Beyond the formulation, a perfume can also be made discreet according to its concentration in raw materials. Thus, the more concentrated a fragrance is, the more powerful and tenacious its wake will be. The eaux de Cologne, rich in volatile ingredients, will then be much more discreet than pure perfumes for example. There are also eaux de parfum, whose intensity will vary according to the composition. Perfect for everyday use, they can be either light and discreet, or much more powerful. We explain the differences between eau de parfum and pure perfume in a previous article.

La Baigneuse perfumes you discreetly!

At Carrément Belle, we love all types of perfumes, from the most intense to the most discreet. That is why you will find two intimate fragrances in our Collection, which feature a sensual and enveloping ingredient: musk.

Fresh and fruity breeze

In 2013, we wished to give more relief while bringing lightness to this wild composition, without distorting it. That is how we have rethought its formula by adding fruity notes of melon on top and raspberry in the base note. The new eau de parfum musc was born, still as sensual and animal, but fresher, almost thirst-quenching.

Two resolutely intimate and wild fragrances for her and him, to keep for oneself or to share in total intimacy. Do you like discreet fragrances?

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