Which perfume for a date?

which perfume to wear for a date?

Perfume is often a reflection of your personality. It can thus quickly become your best ally of seduction at the time of a first date! Then how to choose the fragrance that will tickle the nostrils and make the heart palpitate? Sensual oriental, romantic floral or discreet but intimate, we give you some inspired advices to find which fragrance to wear for a date!

The perfume for a date: a fragrance for each moment

As with an outfit or a hairstyle, we tend to adapt our fragrance to the circumstances. You probably would not wear the same scent on a date as you would on a job interview. If the desire to make a positive impression is the same, the attraction sought is very different! Several scientific studies have shown that a person’s fragrance has a direct impact on our emotions and feelings. Many of you even consider perfume to be a real asset of seduction. Be careful, do not only count on your fragrance, because even a very good smell will not be enough to convince the coveted one of your charm! On the other hand, a well-chosen perfume will underline your personality and leave an unforgettable wake behind you.

A charmer fragrance

A perfume can be bewitching, seductive, sensual… But also disgusting, heady or worse: off-putting! To avoid the “fragrance faux pas“, you must choose your perfume carefully, and particularly for a first date.

Gourmand scent, good enough to eat

vanilla is a gourmand fragrance with oriental and spicy notes

Mischievous vanille

With vanille, you will wrap yourself in a delicious wake! Its vanilla and spicy notes give off both warmth and sensuality. Add to this a sweet caramel and some silvers of almond with powdery nuances: you will get a regressive and bewitching recipe that no one can resist!

the eau de parfum claire ippi patchouli

Ippi patchouli clair: pretty praline

You are a real ray of sunshine? The eau de parfum ippi patchouli clair will only accentuate your ravishing charm! With its sunny and citrusy notes, you will illuminate the nose and eyes of your future partner. Wait a few moments: its sparkling and refreshing touch blossoms into a sweet-smelling praline wake. A real delicacy deliciously perfumed!

Warmth and sensuality with orientals

Balms, spices, precious woods… So many ingredients from the East that raise the temperature of a composition! Oriental fragrances are part of a seductive and bewitching family. The balsamy notes will release softness, woods and other plants will bring resinous nuances while spices are perfect to warm up the whole.

so reveals spicy notes thanks to coriander

50 shades of SO

The amber heat of SO warms the atmosphere instantly. This fragrance will first reveal a fresh and citrusy start between orange and bergamot. Then, its middle note will captivate the heart thanks to its floral and spicy shades where coriander blends with geranium, jasmine or even sage and rose. Finally, the sensual amber combined with the softness of the tonka bean will complete this bewitching olfactory parade.

kilim is an oriental fragrance with spicy notes

Rendezvous in the Orient with kilim

With kilim, take a ticket for two to a fragrant destination. To the woody notes of patchouli are added oriental touches where flowers, fruits and spices combine in a mesmerizing wake. Warm and subtle, this fragrance will surely mark the olfactory memory of the coveted being, until the next date!

the spicy notes are predominant in 555 thanks to pepper, cinnamon and cloves

555 reasons to succumb

If your wish is to charm and bewitch from the first date, the ideal perfume is undoubtedly 555. Behind this mysterious name hides a fragrance that is as irresistible as it is original and will leave a strong impression. Both feminine and masculine thanks to its powdery and iridescent touch plus its peppery notes, 555 arouses curiosity. It will charm with its warm heart where incense and amber play serenade.

ippi patchouli takes you on a journey through time

Timeless ippi patchouli

It has been seducing your nose for more than 30 years and is ready to play its charms with your perfumed crush! The eau de parfum ippi patchouli releases woody, resinous and earthy scents to create a warm perfume. Next to the mythical patchouli, you will find a sweet and flowery heart and a musky base. This sensual fragrance will be durably impregnated on your skin and your clothes. It will also mark the memories of your date with an almost magical olfactory imprint.

Confidential and intimate fragrance

For a first date, the perfume can also be discreet. The enveloping and sensual notes of musk will reveal themselves close to your skin, like a fragrant caress, accessible to the closest noses.

The eau de parfum musc is fresh and fruity, an intimate and enveloping fragrance

A fresh and fruity air

During a first date, nervousness can quickly get to you. By choosing the eau de parfum musc, you opt for a muffled fragrance with a fresh and fruity start. Raspberry and melon refresh a deliberately sensual and enveloping wake. A scent full of promise that fades into a warm, amber note.

Which perfume for a date: our advice

If we prefer to avoid strong or heady scents for a first date, there is no such thing as an ideal perfume when you are about to meet your future beloved! The most important thing is to choose the fragrance that represents you, the one you feel comfortable and confident with. Atypical personality? Don’t hesitate and opt for an original fragrance! By choosing a Carrément Belle perfume, you will be wearing a perfume that your date would not have smelled on every street corner…

What fragrance would you wear on a first date?

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