The eau de parfum 555: the winning number by Sarah!

the eau de parfum 555 charmed the nose of the beautiful Sarah, with its oriental notes, of amber incense

Powdery, sensual… The eau de parfum 555 is truly mesmerizing. I love the way it evolves on my skin to become ever warmer, more amber.

Sarah from the blog Les choses qui brillent

The beautiful Sarah comes to us straight from the French Riviera, a stone’s throw from Grasse! On her blog les choses qui brillent, she shares her joie de vivre, her beauty, fashion and decoration tips. This young woman is a real ray of sunshine who finds beauty in the simple pleasures of everyday life. Founder of her own clothing brand, Sarah is a jack-of-all-trades, sparkling and full of life!

As a cosmetics fan, Sarah is also addicted to perfumes and all the smells that can brighten her days. She started her olfactory journey with Carrément Belle thanks to the Discovery Set. The young woman took the time to smell, test and see the fragrances evolve on her skin. She finally fell for enkor and label rose. But it’s the eau de parfum 555 that got all the favors of her nose with its oriental notes, of amber incense. Its tender and virile scents, between iridescent sweetness and peppery nuances, quickly convinced the beautiful blogger. Alone or accompanied, 555 is an essence to be worn all year round.

Do you know our bewitching eau de parfum 555?

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