Vanille: the comforting perfume of Julie

The eau de parfum vanille reviewed by Julie

Vanille is a return to childhood guaranteed, it is a soft and comforting perfume where spices, sweetness and gourmand notes are mixed.

Julie from the blog BlondieJulie

Julie is a real adventurer who lives between Lisbon and Toulouse. She has always been passionate about the world of fashion and beauty. That’s why she decided to chat virtually with many readers through her blog BlondieJulie. The pretty bloger shares her tips, her favorites, but also her latest discoveries to adopt a healthier and simpler lifestyle. And among the small pleasures of everyday life, perfume is a gesture she particularly likes. She takes pleasure in matching her fragrance to her mood of the day!

Julie got to smell all 13 fragrances in our Collection up close with the Discovery Set. In this set filled with surprises and samples, three scents caught her attention: vanille, ïōdé and SO. And in the end, it was the sweet vanille scent that won over her nose! This comforting perfume is deliberately warm and enveloping thanks to the gourmand notes of vanilla, almond and caramel. A hint of spice gives it sensual shades. It was love at first smell for Julie and her new favorite fragrance, which now accompanies her throughout the day.

Have you smelled the gourmand and comforting perfume of vanille?

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