A bouquet of label rose for Camille

label rose conquered the nose of Camille, from the blog Jolie Makeup

Before discovering the smell of label rose I was afraid to be disappointed again and finally, it was a revelation! I felt like I was putting my nose in a flower.

Camille from the blog JolieMake-Up

Blogger in her spare time, the beautiful Camille is passionate about beauty and cosmetics of all kinds. She shares her tips and latest discoveries on her blog JolieMake-Up, with its warm, romantic and feminine universe. As Camille likes to take care of herself, perfume represents a real ally of her daily life, like an extension of her personality, which she likes to change according to her moods and desires.

But choosing a fragrance is not something to be taken lightly. She was first able to test all the compositions in the Collection thanks to the Discovery Set. Her nose flinched between the mysterious 555 with its peppery, iridescent scent and the marine freshness of ïōdé. In the end, it was the floral label rose that she decided to go for. And she wasn’t the only one to fall under the spell as those around her noticed the olfactory change by complimenting her! Thanks to its bouquet of Damascena rose and peony, combined with the freshness of bergamot and the sensuality of musk, label rose has become her spring fragrance, and more if she likes!

Have you ever smelled label rose?

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