alõ, the marine perfume of Mélie

the marine perfume of alõ has conquered Mélie's nose

A fresh and invigorating marine perfume that makes me escape with lightness. I’ve been wearing it ever since I got it without moderation.

Mélie from the blog Bombastik Girl

Mélie is passionate about scents and perfumes of all kinds. As a collector, she loves discovering new scents and changing fragrances according to the seasons or her moods. She shares her latest olfactory discoveries (and not only) on her inspired blog where you will also find a multitude of beauty tips.

From fresh scents to powerful essences, Mélie’s nose is always on the lookout! And it’s thanks to this olfactory curiosity that she came nose to nose with Carrément Belle!

Intrigued at first, she was able to smell everything thanks to the Discovery Set. And after thoroughly testing our 13 eaux de parfum, she fell in love with not one but several of them! She likes the gourmand vanille, the sensual SO and the marine perfume of ïōdé. But it is finally on the essence of alõ that the young woman succumbed! It is first of all its marine perfume and its fresh wake that conquered the nostrils of the beautiful blogger. In just a few drops, this “unusual summer scent” allows her to escape in a light-hearted way, like a true call to calm and serenity. Between the invigorating freshness of sea spray and the warmth of vetiver, Mélie lets herself be gently carried towards the open sea…

Do you know alõ, our soothing marine perfume?

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