The eau de parfum claire ippi patchouli, Aurélie’s favorite

the eau de parfum claire ippi patchouli has conquered the nose of the beautiful Aurélie!

I fell for the eau de parfum claire ippi patchouli, perfect for the upcoming summer!

Aurélie, from the blog Les bons plans d’Auré

Not far from our workshop in Nîmes, the beautiful Aurélie distils her beauty advice and shares her latest finds from Montpellier. On her blog, she reveals her poetic and feminine universe by talking about travel, decoration, but also skincare and cosmetics. Never without a tip or a good recommendation, Aurélie shares all her favorites and her gift ideas. And it’s with Mother’s Day approaching that the pretty woman was able to propose her selection of inspired gifts…

And among the jewelry and flower bouquets, we find the eau de parfum claire ippi patchouli. A perfumed gift idea to spoil your mother or to treat yourself all year long. After testing our fragrances with the Discovery Set, Aurélie fell in love with this essence. For the record, ippi patchouli clair is an olfactory reinterpretation of ippi patchouli that we unveiled a few years ago. If the emblematic notes of earthy patchouli are still present, they are illuminated by citrus in the top and praline in the base note. Its woody, citrusy and gourmand wake now accompanies Aurélie, and is not about to leave her for the summer days to come!

Have you ever smelled the eau de parfum claire ippi patchouli? 

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