Vanille: Alice’s childhood perfume

the childhood perfume of vanille envelops Alice in a sweet regressive and gourmand fragrance

Vanille immediately reminded me of a childhood perfume with a sweet smell full of softness.

Alice from the Blog de Lice

Alice is a young Parisian blogger, passionate about writing, fashion and beauty. It is on her blog that all her desires are combined. She shares with her community her daily pleasures, her latest cosmetic discoveries… And even her favorite recipes for a cocooning Sunday with a cup of tea.

When Alice tested all the fragrances in the Collection with the Discovery Set, we weren’t really surprised when she finally chose vanille. This comforting and gourmand eau de parfum is in total harmony with the young woman’s cozy universe! This childhood perfume is a real olfactory Proust madeleine that brings her a dose of perfumed happiness all day long! In its formulation, this perfume is resolutely gourmand thanks to notes of almond and caramel, but also sensual with its spicy nuances, which remind us of the maternal tenderness…

What is the childhood perfume that evokes fond olfactory memories for you?

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