Inspired ideas #3 : change your perfume as you like!

Changing your perfume according to your desires is also a way to build up a real perfume collection

There are those who keep the same essence all their life and the others who like to vary the pleasures according to their desires. No matter how you look at it, perfume is an extension of our personality. To keep your fragrances sticking to your skin, we give you some tips on how to change your perfume and create your own collection to match your moods!

Why change your perfume?

Personal essence

Whether you are a perfume maximalist or a fan of a unique wake, your attachment to fragrances is always strong. The term “essence” is quite revealing. In the end, the wake we leave behind us is what others will remember about us. But the relationship we have with perfume goes even further than the image we send back. It is deeply intimate, since it calls upon our sense of smell, that primitive sense directly connected to the center of our emotions. The choice of one fragrance or another will have the power to reassure, to give confidence, to travel or to recall memories of a past youth. So, in the face of the different situations we are confronted with on a daily basis and our personal changes, why not create a scented collection?   

Olfactory signature vs. collector

When it comes to perfume, we often think that we have to find the right one… A bit like choosing the woman or man of our life! This notion of olfactory signature is very important in the world of perfumery today. Yet it is a rather recent concept. With the arrival of advertising and beautiful spokesmodel on glazed paper, perfume houses wanted to make customers captive by giving them the idea that they could also look like these American actresses by wearing the same essences as them. By creating these iconic fragrances, these brands created the idea that having your own signature scent was synonymous with great elegance. In 1920, Gabrielle Chanel described perfume as an “eternal olfactory imprint”.

But the eternity will be shortened in the 90s with the democratization of perfume. Couturiers, ready-to-wear and sports brands started to create perfumes. Faced with this new competition, the great historical houses had to play the game. In turn, they have launched new products on a much more regular basis. Add to this new offer a desire for freedom and a real olfactory curiosity, absolute loyalty was no longer really the rule. The desire to create a collection to change perfume much more often was born.

When to change your perfume?

The olfactory wardrobe

Just as you change your hairstyle or clothes, you can change your perfume on a whim! And if you match your shoes to the rest of your outfit, why not doing the same with your fragrance? It is possible to choose your perfume according to your clothes and match textile materials with olfactory notes. A silk scarf can be enhanced with a sunny amber scent or a cashmere sweater can be warmed up with a powdery and cottony fragrance. A satin babydoll is dressed in a veil of iris or jasmine, while evening wear is adorned with sensual essences from the Orient… Looking for simplicity? A white shirt accompanied by an aromatic wake of lavender or citrus notes will do the trick perfectly!

The perfume of the moment, according to the spirit of the times

Today, even more than yesterday, our days are full. Between the morning workout, the 3pm meeting at the office and a romantic date by night, scent desires adapt. Varying olfactory pleasures while keeping your own style in the same day or according to the occasion is therefore quite possible! A freedom that also evolves with the seasons. But here again it’s your nose that defines the rules of the game… Like escaping in the middle of December with a fruity and sunny fragrance or warming up with a gourmand and comforting vanilla. A change of season is therefore an opportunity to change or renew certain habits.

Emotions as a guide

As perfume is a great means of expression, it can also match a particular mood or emotion. And it can go even further by influencing them! A discreet but wild fragrance such as musc will allow the shyest to reveal a facet of their personality. So don’t hesitate to pick and choose from your collection to find the perfume that will make you feel good now! And just like emotions, perfume has no age or gender. Stay away from social conventions to find the essence that will best represent you at that moment. So, gentlemen, don’t be afraid to dress in the floral label rose or the woody ippi patchouli.

How to change your perfume?

As we often tell you, there are no codes or rules when it comes to perfume. Your heart and your nose should be your guide: just wear what you like! So you can wear the same perfume for the rest of your life… Or you can go from one fragrance to the next, depending on what you like! Don’t forget that changing perfume from time to time is the best way to rediscover your favorite when you take it out again, to prevent your nose from getting too used to it. Because changing perfume doesn’t mean throwing away all your old bottles – quite the contrary! By following these tips, your essence will keep very well over time. We promise you the reunion with your past loves will be even more beautiful!

To change your perfume, you can also be surprised by compositions that you would not have looked at before. Looking for something new? Our Discovery Set will satisfy your olfactory curiosity with samples of the 13 eaux de parfum of the Collection. Maybe it’s time to find new scented playgrounds…

Do you like to change your perfume regularly or are you faithful to your fragrance?

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