Ïōdé, Priscillia’s latest olfactory discovery

the marine and flowery perfume of iodé has conquered the nose of Priscillia

Clearly I am fulfilled by Carrément Belle, its commitments, its values and of course its eaux de parfum, and even more by ïōdé!

Priscillia, from the blog Pyxides Flacons

Priscillia is a blogger from Nice who likes to discover new products. She likes to test all kinds of products in terms of skincare, cosmetics, but also perfumes! The young woman also makes it a point of honor to find new products that she hasn’t already seen everywhere… Or smelt on everyone! The made in France manufacturing is also a subject that interests her particularly. Her nose was made to cross the path of our fragrances!

Before making her decision, Priscillia was able to test the 13 eaux de parfum of our Collection thanks to the Discovery Set. A truly beautiful discovery that resulted in a lot of hesitation to find the one she wanted! After a lively internal debate between several of our summer scents such as ippi patchouli clair, it was finally ïōdé that won all the votes of her sense of smell! At first glance, this perfume didn’t seem to be made for her. However, the pretty blogger was finally surprised by its bewitching juice. She tells us about her beautiful olfactory experience by describing her perfume as “a tasty mix of marine and floral accord that gives way to flowers throughout the day and delivers a delicious floral and not too sweet smell”. The contrast between the marine notes, the lily of the valley and an amber base note won Priscillia over.

What is your favorite Carrément Belle fragrance?

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