Musky notes tickle the nose of Jodanelle

the musky notes conquered the nose of Jodanelle thanks to their enveloping sweetness

The musky notes of this eau de parfum evoke for me the softness, the cotton, the silk, an impression of cocoon in which I wrap myself.


While strolling on the web in search of beauty and well-being tips, you are likely to come across Jodanelle’s blog. In her digital universe, Joëlle, her real name, distils with kindness and transparency her advice. She likes to share her latest discoveries in terms of selfcare, and especially brands made in France. In love with beautiful scents, the blogger likes to perfume herself according to her desires and the seasons…

And that’s how Joëlle got to know our olfactory universe thanks to the Discovery Set. By testing the 13 eaux de parfum in the Collection, she was able to discover everything at her own pace and smell the fragrances evolve on her skin. Very quickly, she was convinced by the marine freshness of ïōdé and alõ. But in the end, it was the sweetness of musc that definitely made her nose succumb. Loving musky notes and ambery scents, Joëlle falls for to the charms of this intimate and discreet eau de parfum, but which does not lack character. A second skin with powdery and musky notes, which envelops the blogger with a reassuring and warm scent.

Do you like musky notes? Have you ever smelled musc, our sensual eau de parfum?

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