The eau de parfum 555, Magalie’s favorite

the eau de parfum 555 made Magalie's nose fall in love with its sensual and oriental notes

With its citrus and amber notes, the eau de parfum 555 is mysterious and bewitching…

Magalie from the blog Les découvertes de Magalie

Like a true chatterbox, Magalie loves to chat on her blog about trivia that make our lives more beautiful. Cosmetic products, decoration, fashion trends and perfume favorites are all on the agenda! With her faithful readers, she shares her latest discoveries to find beautiful creations that are not already seen everywhere. So it was while searching for a French perfume brand that the beautiful blogger made our virtual meeting…

Magalie is an unconditional fan of fruity and sweet scents, but she was surprised by the Discovery Set. She was able to discover new olfactory horizons, and her nose finally took on a fragrance she never imagined! That’s how the eau de parfum 555 joined her collection of favorite fragrances. With its oriental notes, 555 is a subtle and mysterious combination. In this formula, a citrusy flight gives way to a spicy heart warmed by peppery accents and nuances of iris. Finally it is a sensually amber wake, warmed by incense, which envelops the skin over the hours. The blogger has found her new olfactory companion, to brighten up the end of summer and announce a beautiful autumn!

Do you know the 555 eau de parfum?

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